Here are some sites that I (David Joor) have deveoped 100% (-Earthsports). Don't be lame and rip these layouts from me, please just leave it at being inspired if you don't mind (I hope you are at least :)) I am not doing web development at this time. I have put it aside for college. It was becoming more of a chore then fun work, the work load was getting bigger and the pay was getting less. Only one way out, LEARN. If you would like to see my artwork, I have located that in the downloads section.

Josh Cyrul broke off his ties with Trinity and needed a forward step that was edgey to move his new c12 12th scale into the market. He approached me with this project and I delivered a site which ties into shopotron and phpbb forum for his customers. I do not maintain the look of this site anymore.
Jason Ruona was developing a new hybrid Associated car and wanted the best exposure available to sell the car on his website. The site was developed using osCommerce as the cart software and php/mysql for the server side templates and preorder scripts. I do not maintain the look of this site anymore.
R/C Pro Series:
This organization was in need of a redevelopment and had a desire to make working on the site easier. I created the site using php and server side templates to manage the repetitive items simple. They also needed to give their sponsors more display so I took this into consideration. I do not maintain the look of this site anymore.
One of the quickest growing resources in the Radio Control car community. I personally own and developed this site and it has received accolades in RC Car Action magazine. It is a focused source for Team Associated related products.
HammerHead Bikes:
A client needed to have a site that was clean, easy to navigate, and be able to connect into their 3rd party shopping cart off site to look transparent. The cart was not very editable so I had to tweak the page and the over all look to adjust for this. The response to this site has been fantastic. I do not maintain the look of this site anymore.
Avid Racing Concepts:
Avid is a small venture I have gotten into to help pay for some of my Radio Control Car habit. It is small site that utilizes oScommerce for a shopping cart to sell the items that I carry.
Rocket Science Fuels:
Rocket Science is a sponsor of mine in the RC field so I did him up a site. Maybe one day he will give me content for it so it can be finished. Currently it is all mumbo jumbo and the Team Drivers section uses images from teckwizard until completed.
Joey Ormon:
Joey is new bouncing-burping-baby ready to tear up shopping strips in just under 3 years. She is my friends sisters daughter and it was just right that she have an email address and a website when she was 1, yeah, 1 day young!
A website that is being used as a selling aid to her private sales of Prada Sport shoes on Ebay.com. It has all her products visible so customers can see everything she has available. No e-commerce as of yet, but a very nice new media look. Uses php for server side generated template pages.
This is a great Texas based forum resource that I run for radio control cars. This is the 3rd version of the site and it has a very unique look as far as RC forums go. It uses vbHome Lite as the portal on the front page that I spent a lot of time tweaking.
This was a very small portal site for my other artist name Kodeine. It is used to just help separate these two sites. I have taken a different design approach with this website using more traditional fonts for the site and logo.
Amanda Jungman:
This is a small site that I designed for my girlfriend at the time. She has a magical touch with a pen. The site was created with asp/photoshop/scanner. It utilizes serverside templates for easy maintenance and web mail form.
I usually do not add logo/identity stuff up but I thought this was worth showing. This is for program that is being developed to help index ftp sites so that you can get to the data much easier and faster. The theme is that of being snatched by ET's.
Riata Technologies:
This was my last job before going back to college. This site was heavily inspired by 2advanced. This site has Intranet, extranet, customer support tracking, membership sections, and mailing list. Once again; asp/sql/photoshop/flash
A template made for a presentation to a new company. The site was not what they were looking for but they are going to use the logo. I may create another template for them, but this is all for free so my time is limited in that aspect.
Riata Technologies:
Site was created for the hosting portion of the company. Very simple and clean for ease of use. Utilizes server side templates for the navigation and a few forms for gaining new customers.
Started a business with a buddy of mine, we had high hopes and dreams but the rc track sadly failed after 6 short months. We had some great times, but we had a great site. I developed a nice web app that allowed us to post the race results from every race up on the web with lap times. No one does this btw. Had some viral marketing as well. Random image on front page. asp/access
Was asked to come in and refresh their look and integrate the forum and the miva shopping cart into the seamless look. The original code was errorsome and confused so I redid all the code. This is the first Miva shopping cart customization I have done.
Man was this project huge. This site was the prime learning tool. I housed 2000+ mp3's for independent drum and bass artists. It followed the same lines as mp3.com. I developed an detailed charting system, user controlled pages, forums, dynamic content out the wazoo, reviews, features, and web services to a few sites. asp/sql/3ds/java/photoshop
Same as the site to the right but this is an artist page. The site was run for free by myself, and my life was not allowing me to carry the project any further. Mainly it grew to fast, but I loved every second of it. A marketing plan would have made this site flourish, but I was not prepared for that yet.
Leaderboard Technologies :
This is a cute little site. Created their site and branding. Nothing being used but 1 password protected section for their training services. For some reason I just really like this site. Maybe it is because the use of stock photos. I never use them so this was quite fun. I was forced to use the man in the logo, they had that before I came along.
Philosophy Study Group:
Made this little site for my study group. It houses serverside templates, mailman mailing list, password protected section, and mp3 streaming of classes. I actually liked the look of this so much that I made my joor.com v6 right after it.
Another free site, I seem to do a lot of these. This was done for a friend that need a little site to showcase his work. He used the logo and the complete site, but the company never reached full momentum. So have a peek, I really like how the logo came out.
Joor v5:
This is my version 5 of my personal portal. Influenced by the war trying to take place, I felt it right ot make something in regards to the rough times and the bad choices. For the first time in 6 years, I added a header, OMG! Site utilizes asp/sql/3ds/photoshop and has a custom little guestbook.
Joor v4:
This is my version 4 of my personal portal. This was designed during the time that I had quit my career in web development for furthering my knowledge in school. So I felt like I should spend less time on computer and starting doing stuff. Site utilizes asp/sol/ads/Photoshop and has a custom little guestbook.
Joor v3:
This is my version 3 of my personal portal. Way to much stuff going on here. This was fight to get away from the typical and show off all my talents in one site. Using flash as only a spicer, I used frames/layers/dhtml/asp/sql/3ds/photoshop. Neat features were the guestbook, active users, random themes, tricky graphics, complex flash trick (taught by Natzke, thx). 3 versions, so big file (256k)
Joor v2:
This is my version 2 of my personal portal. Well this still probably my most prized alive site. I love the flash and the music and the look. I just really hate flash because everyone was using it, can't update it for crap, and at the time dynamic data was almost impossible. It was my first attempt to copy everything I had liked on the web, I think I did a good job capsulating it all. flash/3ds/photoshop
The smallest website I have ever made, not even really a website. This is a little vanity site for my car. Before this I had a Corvette C5, so I did this Volkswagen up with everything I could without having to spend the $ for a stage 3 kit.
The days of the past. This was a .com startup that I joined on as a web developer. Sonja Lindsey did the wonderful design work while I converted it to html. This is where I began learning asp and databases. I great programmer took me in and taught me the simple ropes to kick start my career. By far, the best job I have ever had, we were all young and dumb.
I have a thing for small sites. This little guy was created to help aid in the sale of this property in Houston. The property had a huge sign with the url on it. The sold quickly because of the aid of pictures, a video, and plots all laid out in one easy place.