- It was time to update my portfolio, I have added 6 websites to the top of it. School is about to start again so I am burnt out on the web stuff so I can stay focused on class. College is working on me, because now I am not so sure if I want to be a Mechnical Engineer or not. I am not dying to goto my math classes, even though I haven't made lower than a 97 in them yet, I just don't get the thrill. However, my classes like History, Philosophy, and even English I enjoy going to. I think this is a sign that I may want to look into other fields like Business. I have this fear that with a ME degree, I will just be acting like a web developer but getting paid about 30k more a year. I don't want to be the techy anymore in the corner.

- Seems that someone has gotten a virus and is sending it to look like it is coming joor at which has been disabled for almost 6 months. I am sorry if you have received anything that appears to have come from me. If anyone is still getting this, send me the source so I can try and figure out who is sending it.

- School is out for right now so I have gotten some time to focus on the site. Added a new graphic to the header. I blew my 4.0 GPA, I got a B in English Composition II and found out 1 week before the class was over that I didn't even need it for my degree. I was ahead of everyone in our class but the A paper was ridiculous. It was over themes that we had not gone over all semester. Anyways, I now have a 3.86. Soon I will be adding a few sites that I have completed during the semester to my portfolio.

- I have added some stuff to the portfolio section for your viewing pleasure. I am currently on spring break so I think I may make a new header graphic for this site within the week. Have a good Spring Break if you are in school.

Added a mailing list as well, so if you would like to receive updates about my and sites, please sign up. You can remove your self from the list from a link that will be sent with each mailing.

- Finally a new track.  I have produced a track under my name Kodeine and developed a small sister site dedicated to my dance floor drum and bass.  The site can be found at and the new some is titled Deliverance.  You will see the sites share quite a few common things but out of professionalism I felt it best to separate the two.  I have also created the mailing list feature so that I can keep in touch with everyone, it is located on the front page.

School is going very well again this semester, so far all A's and we have gon through our first rounds of testing.  Man history is hard if you get a good professor.  Wish me luck, I need it to get into University of Texas.

- It's official, my first finished semester in college at 28 and I have a 4.0.  Second highest grade in Philosophy (very hard class), 98 in Math, an A in english, and a 100+ in effective learning (I got over a 100 in the class due to extra credit).  Looks like I might actually be ready to do school this time around.  Already registered for my next semester and ready to tackle history.

- Can you believe it, I moved hosts again.  It turns out that one of my sites is getting more support then I realized so I have moved to a dedicated server.  Can you say, holy cow things are faster?  This site won't show much as in the difference in processing speed but my other forum site sure does.

- Man, had no idea how crazy the end of a semister gets.  Maybe because I never made it to the end before :).  I can't imagine making good grades in college if I was younger and still having fun.  So far my grades are good, I am in the 4.0 zone, but that could change fast, have to focus.

Even though I am trying to get away from the web work, I have been missing it quite a bit.  So I have done a little web work to try and help make ends meet and to cure my insanity.  At least I haven't played the online games, that is gone forever, they are to damn dangerous.  So I took on a small project for, refreshing their look and making it seamless on their vbulletin forum and miva shpping cart.  Miva looks like a pretty decent shopping cart system.  I wouldn't purchase it, but a lot of hosts provide it for free.  Also updated the look at, this was to refresh it a little and make it a little easier on the eyes.

- Playing musical hosts here. I have moved to a new host because I got hooked up. In order to do it I had to port my site to php, and so far, I am really impressed with the parsing sped of it. Seems like php has come a long way. Can you believe I am not using any microsoft, don't make me bust out my Mandrake. Well the site has moved to Ventures Online, and the have a huge pipe just like gearhost. So expect to see faster downloads. If anyone has any questions on hosting, give me a shout, I have been to hell and back researching it.

10/19/02 - Finally got my verisign issues handled and moved this site off of My new host is, and so far this has been the best experience I have ever had with setting up an account. Within 30 minutes, I had my site converted to use there mailer component, all my emails configured, created tons of sub-domains which you will see shortly, and even installed a phpBB for the fun of it. I now have access to mySQL and msSQL. Anyways, the bandwidth is much faster so enjoy.

- I am at it again. Since philosophy is so hard, I started a study group. In the process of making the website for the philosophy group, I got inspired by its design. So I made a new site, but for once I finally put up a portfolio section. I am still adding sites, but I am having a hard time finding a few of them, even with the way back machine. I may be fickle, but I think I may stay with this look for a while and change the graphic up top ever so often.

More good news, I am still not playing that addictive game and I don't want to anymore. That was messed up. Instead I started making some websites and playing with 3d max more.

- Got bored so I made another site. Nothing new, just a different layout. Damn philosophy is hard...

- You can't find me on that game anymore, after posting the news article, I decided that it was not in my best interest in playing it anymore. Funny how I have to keep battling my addition to this computer as a source of my entertainment. I wonder if I can fully break from it someday. To replace the game I have started riding my bike again. My birthday is coming up and I am thinking about getting a new frame and start getting in better shape.

A lot of people are downloading samples this month, the most ever.

9/28/02 - Well school has been great so far. Two of my essays have passed, I am ahead in math with 100's across the board, and an A so far in my effective learning class. I will admit that my hardest class at the moment is Philosophy. I was loving it at the beginning but now I am having trouble keeping up, and no I have not missed one class.

On the other hand I have been playing this game called Subspace (now called Continuum) way to much. I tried so hard to get away from this damn machine but ended up moving to something else, OMG. You can grab this free game at SubSpace Downloads. In case you can't get it from there, do a search on google for continuum37.exe. It is online asteroids game, get to meet alot of people and kill them. Look me up, I play in the Chaos Zone under the names Attention, Attainment, or Logic.

- It's about that time. 27 years old and going back to college, not like I ever really went. Passed my TASP test with flying colors Reading:288, Math:282, Writing:240 (Phew). So looks like I am heading back soon.

I did just pickup some new audio programs so I may play around with some toons and see what happens. Sick of the web but missing creativity. Thank you to everyone showing love on the guestbook, is still my best accomplishment on the web and in life yet. Hoping school will become my new first. Amanda and I move to a new apartment in a few weeks, it is the nicest thing we will have lived in yet. Brand new, real granite counters, real tile, and all stainless steel appliances.

5/19/02 - My life has been a rollercoaster for the past few years. My career in the past two just keeps going down instead of up. I have caught myself a bad case of the burn out, and it has sparked a whole new energy to learn new and useful things.

As many may know, I started a hobbyshop/track for radio control cars, but I have sold the business. It just was not my time to be a business owner.

Site has been rebooted, I am burnt out so all I did was a graphic. All of you have seen the cool flash effects and the tired ole rollovers, so I feel the graphic is all I need to explain myself.

- THEDNB.COM is forced to close it's door permanently. I would like to thank all of those involved such as Audionuts, Mimic, Level9, Diesel, and all of the artists. By closing the doors, this does not reflect any upon the drum and bass sound or future, it was purely based on a personal decision by myself due to the lack of time and funds. THEDNB.COM grew at a rate that was phenomenal and that should always be remembered. If you are still looking for a place to house your tracks, please look at

11/26/01 - Oh my, I am still here. Starting a hobbyshop/track and having to sell a lot of stuff to make this happen. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.

8/13/01 - Getting settled in a bit now in Austin that I got a job. Started racing a little again, just got back from race in Louisana. With 2 packs of practice I tq'd and won stk buggy and got 2nd in mod buggy. Learning that practice isn't needed for me to do well, it may actually hender my racing due to over concentration & stress. Go see the results.

- Well it has been a full week at work. It is taking some time getting used to human interaction again. My last job was out of the house so it has been about 2 years since I have been in a 8-5 office enviroment. The people are nice and I am getting some good freedom on my first project, their website. Can't wait to show everyone. Check out lessrain, absolutely stunning in all its simplicity.

- Ok, so what the hell is the deal with people going to movies and taking off their shoes and propping them up on the chairs? Or going to the book store and there are people sprawled out on the floor with their shoes off reading books? Sorry but this just bothers me, maybe I am anti-foot. Got a new song today by Squarepusher STREAM || DOWNLOAD, I am really liking this track, it reminds me of Aphex Twin.

- I got a job! I will be heading up the web development department at Netforce Technologies. So if you want to jump and cheer then you should really go here. Go and listen to the best stream on the net for DNB at

- Just waiting on a offer now from the job, it is a killer position. I will tell if I get it. Now for some tunes, this is my favorite dnb track of all time, it is 2 years old but still moves, Kinnetix (STREAM || DOWNLOAD).

- I have a new site up, it is for featuring online drum and bass artists. THEDNB.COM, this site is my contribution to the music that I love so much. Wish me luck I have a second interview with a good company on Tuesday. Fingers Crossed.

- You must check out GMUNK, his work has a lot of meaning and if you are in the web-dev field you should be able to relate to alot of his emotions. Time for a new mp3, coming in a few days.

- Can I get JOB! 2,239,387 resumes out and still only little bites. This guy is into some of the same things I am and he has some great work at F6 Design. Been working hard on, we are now hosting and stream. That is tough getting an admin interface to make approvals quick. Bored? check this out, be nice now.

- Got to race mod buggy today, tq'd and won. Check out this 3D PROGRAM for flash, looks pretty promising. NATZKE was the guy who inspired me to make the crisp flash movie with the car moving. He has some very very nice work and extremely helpful.

- I still need a job, but you should go and waste some time with this eyecandy at DESIGNGRAPHIK. I get alot of inspiration from this fellow at B33JAY. I used to love Bassment Jaxx, listen to a new track, this track grabs me for some reason (techno) STREAM || DOWNLOAD.

5/30/01 - So far the response looks good. I finished the random theme part of the site. Just hit refresh, there are three themes now. Added a little active user thing at the bottom for fun, thx JOSH PAINTER. So here is some drum and bass for you, STREAM || DOWNLOAD.

5/28/01 - People have been asking what the car looking thing is above. It is a radio control car, does about 30mph and we race them all around the world. Expect to see a whole series of rc graphics soon. Want to learn more? Here are some sites for you to check out. LOSI, ASSOCIATED, TRINITY [forum], & RC TOURING [forum].

5/27/01 - The new version has gone online. Some new features include news, guestbook, and portfolio. The basic purpose of this revision was to add more technology to the site, other then flash. The site now uses, asp, sql, dhtml, and flash, hopefully making it a great hybrid site. So sign the guestbook and check out these two cool sites. CUBADUST and REBOOT AFTERPHASE