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 vpsoftqa vpsoftqa's web page 
Good site!
 11/18/07 Moscow 

 David Joor David Joor's web page 
I have reprogrammed the guestbook code in hopes it won't get spammed anymore. Will turn it off it happens again.
 02/15/07 Houston 

 David Joor David Joor's web page 
I am turning off this guestbook for now, too many losers keep spamming it with medications and sex. Have a happy new year.
 12/30/05 Austin 

Damn, u'r tracks rock! :) keep it going m0n. fanatik of kodeine sience 98 :)when found some mp3:z on
 12/07/05 Finland 

 Fredi Fredi's web page 
I feel like a void, but such is life. I can't be bothered with anything recently. That's how it is.
 11/29/05 ok 

 MetaPhase MetaPhase's web page 
Hey man, I produce/dj DnB and took a listen to your tunes. You have some interesting things going on although I think that if you lent more focus to your drum production your tunes could be even more solid! Good luck bro- P'z MetaPhase
 10/19/05 L.A. 

 Simon V Simon V's web page 
Hey David, it's been sometime... good to see your webpage still going strong! Cheers & all the best, Simon
 10/17/05 Germoney 

Whooooow, Deliverance And styxx are amazing man!!! Same question as Stijn-O When R U comming 2 begium?? It would be gr8 if you would come 2 Belgium. I would surtainly would be there. greetings Ruben
 09/29/05 belgium 

 Stijn-O Stijn-O's web page 
Damn man your sick!! When are you coming to Belgium i will be there nomather what. Do you have cd's out???? Grtz Stijn-O
 09/25/05 Belgium 

 lego boy lego boy's web page 
new official site cosmic sound inside you will find the new tracks from our dj/producer lego boy thanx
 09/06/05 greece 

 spoona spoona's web page 
bo !
 08/24/05 London 

 Dan Pollock Dan Pollock's web page 
You are multi talented. Awsome stuff here. Love the art work especially. Griz
 08/13/05 Granite Shoals Tx 

 insert insert's web page 
very good =) nice samples and site
 08/12/05 Russia 

 nick / scarab  
impressed to say the least!
 07/24/05 new zealand 

really good house is very cool & the artwork is awesome:) cheers from cRoatia
 07/08/05 croatia 

Fantastic site bad ass beats thx for the sounds will mangle them beyond audibility in some sound expirements
 06/26/05 !()\/\/@ U$ 

 Nick and Erina Z  
BTW the samples are great!!!!
 06/07/05 Japan 

 Nick and Erina Z Nick and Erina Z's web page 
Into Darkstep, Erina and I are into production. Please listen.
 06/05/05 JAPAN 

 Rickard "Smelly Sailors"  
Really nice!
 06/04/05 Sweden 

 GiO GiO's web page 
Well done, joor. Really a good piece of web. And the samples are good, too. BRAVO!
 05/27/05 ISTRIA 

 David Joor  
Testing new server
 03/30/05 Austin 

 Steve Weiy  
Love the samples bro, thanks a million. Your web work is amazing as well.
 03/22/05 Ohio 

Hey Joor and gang i jjust wanted to take the time to say this and i never do but THANK YOU. Ive bisited sight after sight to get loops and samples and your right there is alot of CRAP out there. You have put togeterh some real quality sounds here. ANd have inspired this artist. Heres a CHEER for SHAREWARE !!!! THANKS GUYS
 03/08/05 Canada 

yo kode.... how are ya mate....? ex head :)
 02/24/05 sydney 

GOOD ! ! ! ! best selfcreated dnb in mounths. Waiting for much more...Nice One
 02/15/05 Euskal Herria 

 JAMEZ JAMEZ's web page 
Very impressive tunes and could well be someone to keep an eye on. impressed.
 02/14/05 UK 

 Aaron Aaron's web page 
Sup all dnb heads. Great site! Stop by for free samples in wav format. All 175-180bpm and clean. Breaks synths vox. Production tips. Forum and worldmap. Come by and join our mailing list! Much love! Respect
 02/13/05 Los Angeles 

 Jason Breakey Jason Breakey's web page 
Your site is great! i love the christian related sites. Here is my website; We provide christian related services, dating, christian chat room and catholic dating service USA and around the globe. Do visit my site!Jason Breakey.
 01/11/05 dallas,texas,usa. 

TO JOOR: Your Trax are really Crazy... TOALL: Can anybody tell me where I can find (DNB Samples) in .WAV ??? Need it for my Music. DNB Rulez 4 Life...
 01/02/05 Germany 

Hello dudez: Greetings from Serbian dnb masta!!!
 12/28/04 Serbia 

 Lukecage Lukecage's web page 
jus wanted to send a shout out...fat sounds man..nice One
 12/11/04 Killafornia 

 dj kurrupt dj kurrupt's web page 
amazin shit! true quality that stands out amongst alot of bullshit around these dayz ,respect
 11/18/04 uk 

 TODD TODD's web page 
check it out... !
 11/03/04 kent 

 r k z r  
hi, great sample collection and nice work.
 10/17/04 The Netherlands 

 uncle D uncle D's web page 
Hi, We invite you to checkout UKS Online Hip hop Store peace.
 09/22/04 uk 

 Liz Bol  
Great job, Joor. I certainly hope to see MORE of you now that you're out of school. . . xox
 09/16/04 Cameron Park, CA 

 faisal faisal's web page 
i want to buy this domine form you if you intristing jast send me a later in my email ok see you later
 09/03/04 saudi arabi 

 faisal faisal's web page 
i want to buy this domin form you if you entrist ing jast send me alater in my email ok see you later
 09/03/04 saudi ar 

Thank's to you bro. You gived to me a new desire to do production with your sample of drum and bass, good collection, thank's to you again ;-)
 08/13/04 France 

Damn!!!!!! those are some sick drum lines bro. Don't stop spin'n
 08/04/04 California 

 Nick Nick's web page 
Big up son, nice site.
 07/08/04 Florida 

 Murdah Murdah's web page 
Nice sounds...
 07/08/04 Estonia 

fucking amazing sounds
 06/28/04 uk 

 ART&VISION desing and media ART&VISION desing and media's web page 
Your stuff is all the way big! Respect! GILL
 06/22/04 Europe 

Wow you're truly a credit to humankind. What's more, you look a bit like eminem! Why havent we met yet? Who are you? Who am I? Boomshanka! (may the seed of your loins be fruitful in the womb of your woman.)
 06/15/04 uk 

Man I love your projects (web sites, graphic etc) and now I know you are even an excellent musician...... doh! Respect!
 06/01/04 Italy Modena 

 David David's web page 
love the graphics.
 05/20/04 San Jose, CA 

 Wiebking Wiebking's web page 
Just looking around - very cool site here ... joor - hope to see you at - the Breakers Delight powerboard made of dancers and made for all the cool homies around!!! So Respect from the fitness/funk-hiphop 2003 world Champions TEAM WIEBKING... PEACE
 05/20/04 DENMARK, Nykobing F. 

 unscene unscene's web page 
I dunno who you are or know why we havent met yet , but you are amazing, dig that!....Yoour an inspiration to the werld of nobuddys out here....Keep It Supertight Like Prom Night!!!
 05/11/04 Dallas 

 taurin taurin's web page 
Nice samples, especially the jungle related ones! It's easy to find drum samples but quite difficult to find clean, well-done and loopable ones. Thanks alot for packing them into 5mb packs. Otherwise itt would be a waste of time to download everything. Thanks!
 05/09/04 germany